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Can I Get a Second Facelift?

Yes you can get a second facelift! A secondary rhytidectomy is almost always an option providing your overall health is favorable enough to undergo surgery. While patients who have undergone a facelift will generally look younger than if they had not had the procedure, they may wish to have a second facelift to address continued and deeper signs of aging.

Why get a second facelift?

In most cases, the results from facelift surgery will last 10-12 years. A second facelift is a good idea if you are noticing further signs of aging that can not be corrected with other treatments and you would like to once again “set the clock back.” You may also be finding that you need more fillers to achieve a smooth look; a facelift removes excess skin and can help you avoid an overfilled appearance. It can also address underlying issues in deeper planes of the face and correct aspects of jowl and neck aging that simply can not be addressed with fillers and non-surgical options.

Here at our Layfayette cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Duplechain has been treating thousands of loyal patients for several decades, providing them with beautiful facial rejuvenation results over time. Known for the natural looking facelift, Dr. Duplechain’s patients never look operated on or “done”.

Lafayette cosmetic surgeon Dr. J. Kevin Duplechain has provided his loyal patients with beautiful results for decades, and is widely known for his natural looking facelift results.

A sample timeline of a second facelift:

48-year-old patient notices signs of aging that can not be fully corrected with non-surgical options and chooses to have a facelift/necklift.

This may sound young, but is an excellent age range for an initial facelift, as taking care of sagging early is very effective. Additionally, the procedure will be less detectable by others and the patient may be able to have a more limited version of the procedure, depending on the degree of sagging of skin. The facelift/necklift procedure takes approximately 10 years off the patient’s apparent age, helping them to again appear to be under the age of 40.

At ages 48 through 62, the patient maintains their look with injectable fillers, skincare, and non-surgical treatments.

As they near the end of this decade-plus time frame, they may start noticing further signs of aging through the neck, jowls, and midface that are not fully relieved by other treatments. They may also notice a drooping brow and eyelids. Still, even though their age in years is 62, they may look like they are in their 50s thanks to their earlier facelift procedure.

At 62, the patient chooses to have another facelift/necklift to address recurring and new areas of concern and set back the clock once again.

At this age, it is now more likely that a facelift/necklift procedure will be combined with a browlift and/or eyelid lift for ideal results, especially if the patient has not previously corrected signs of aging through the eyes and brow area. The proper set of procedures at this age helps the patient to once again look like they could be in their mid 40s. As before, the patient can continue enhancing and maintaining their facelift results with non-surgical treatments.

How can I enhance my secondary facelift results?

Note that other factors outside of your face and neck appearance do play into your apparent age. As such, we encourage patients to fully protect all of their skin from the sun with high-quality products. It is also important to treat ancillary areas including hands and the decolletage. Breast and body procedures may come in to play to create a harmonious appearance. At a certain age, treating the ears and nose may be needed as they also grow and sag in time.

Lastly, patients should have some level of realism in terms of setting back the clock: factors such as thinning skin as we age into our 70s and beyond will limit how young you can look while still retaining a natural appearance.

Is a second facelift safe?

For most patients, a second facelift/necklift is just as safe as the first. However, there are additional health factors to take into consideration, as older patients often suffer from high blood pressure or other medical conditions that result in them being less than ideal candidates for surgery. During your personal consultation with Dr. Duplechain, apart from discussing your personal aesthetic goals, he will talk through your overall physical health and lifestyle choices to help you decide whether a second facelift is the right option for you.

“Turn back time” with a Lafayette facelift with Dr. Duplechain

We hope this blog post has been informative; we welcome you to contact our practice to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Duplechain to discuss your facelift and necklift options.

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