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Women and men visit Dr. Duplechain for cosmetic surgery in Lafayette from Alexandria, the Baton Rouge area, other parts of Louisiana, and throughout the country. To help you become more informed, we have provided answers to some of our patients’ most commonly asked questions.

Dr. J. Kevin Duplechain and his staff can answer your questions and help you to look and feel your best. They look forward to helping you turn your aesthetic goals into a reality. If you would like to meet with Dr. Duplechain, request a consultation online or call our office at  (337) 456-3282.

Your Questions, Answered

Does insurance cover these procedures?

For the most part, insurance does not cover elective cosmetic procedures. However there are instances where cosmetic surgery is warranted by a medical necessity. So it is always advised that your insurance company be contacted directly to discuss your individual case.

What is the cost of these procedures?

The costs of the many different types of procedures that we perform vary greatly from one another and with each individual patient. That is why we recommend a personal initial consultation in order to discuss your particular goals.

Where do the procedures take place?

Minimally invasive procedures take place in our office and most can be completed within an hour. For the more complex surgical procedures, an outpatient surgical facility is required for your rest and recuperation.

Are these procedures safe?

Rest assured that every procedure that we perform is completely safe and effective. As with any anesthesia and surgical procedure, there are slight risks involved, but the doctor will discuss these with you in advance.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time varies with each individual and also depends on the specific procedure. Injections require little or no recovery time, whereas nasal surgery takes about 2 to 3 weeks for recovery.

I live outside of your area. Can I schedule a virtual consultation?

Yes, we love our out-of-town patients! We are happy to accommodate you by scheduling a virtual consultation so that you can discuss your goals with Dr. Duplechain and determine whether or not a procedure may be right for you.

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