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10 Superfoods to Eat to Support Beautiful Skin

Did you know nutrition plays a truly significant role in how your skin looks—and there are certain superfoods that may enhance your skin’s appearance from the inside out? Eating foods from this list will also benefit your overall health and that difference will be reflected with glowing skin! 1. Fish Fatty acids in fish help …

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Are Tattoos Bad for Your Skin? A Cosmetic Surgeon Explains.

There’s no denying the popularity of tattoos. As of 2021, approximately 30-40% of Americans had at least one tattoo, with many having multiple. But, despite their prevalence, many people don’t consider what effects tattoos have on their skin or what tattoo inks are made of. As a credentialed cosmetic surgeon and skin expert, I’d like …

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Facelift Maintenance: Here’s How To Get Optimal, Long-lasting Results from Your Facelift

How do celebrities do it? We hear that a lot, and the answer goes beyond one single procedure or skincare product. Yes, facelifts are a popular, tried-and-true solution to signs of aging in the face and neck. But to maintain gorgeous skin for years after your facelift, you’ll need to not only care for your …

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The Drop and Fluff Factor: Why Your Breast Implants Will Look Better With Time.

If you’ve recently undergone breast augmentation with implants, your surgeon likely explained that it could take months for you to see your final results. While this waiting period can be concerning, it will undoubtedly be worth it as you begin to see your breasts literally take shape over time—a process cosmetic surgeons informally refer to …

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Does Ultherapy Hurt? A Cosmetic Surgeon Answers Your Questions About Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

What do Christie Brinkley, Jennifer Aniston, and Kim Kardashian have in common? Other than being gorgeous women, they have a not-so-secret method for maintaining their good looks: Ultherapy® skin tightening. This non-invasive treatment can be used to smooth crepey neck skin or to tighten areas like the eyelids or jowls—with zero incisions. Are you looking …

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Your Perfect Day of Wellness in Lafayette

Please be advised: Travel restrictions, business hours, and safety measures in Louisiana are changing rapidly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Be sure to check local restrictions and be willing to adhere to any and all safety regulations before planning a trip to any of these Lafayette businesses. Lafayette is situated in the heart of Cajun …

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Benzene was found in several sunscreens. Check your bottles to make sure they weren’t on the list.

You’ve likely heard that you need to be wearing sunscreen every day, both to keep your skin looking young and to protect you from ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can lead to skin cancer. But a May 2021 statement from Valisure, an independent lab, warned the public that cancer-causing benzene was detected in 78 of 294 …

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Which Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures to Say Yes to (and Which to Avoid) During the Summer Months

We love summer! From kayaking on Lake Martin to exploring the charming streets of downtown Lafayette, our area of Louisiana offers endless fun. And whether you’re planning to enjoy summer at home or head over to one of our nearby white sand beaches, we know you’ll want to look as relaxed and rejuvenated as you …

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How Helium Plasma and RF Technology Can Save You From Having More Invasive Cosmetic Surgery

So many of us can name a “spot” on our body that we’d rather not show off, ever. Yet for some, the idea of using plastic surgery to correct the issue, or the idea of having a scar instead of the original problem, causes them to keep living with it. The minimally-invasive skin tightening technology …

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How to Combine 360 Lipo & Renuvion to Transform Your Shape

The cosmetic surgery field is constantly undergoing innovative new technologies and techniques to help patients look great without lengthy procedures or extensive downtime. The combination of 360 liposuction and Renuvion is an excellent example of this innovation, providing patients with full-body fat reduction and skin tightening in one minimally invasive procedure. Since swimsuit season is …

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