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Our faces are an integral part of our self-expression and our interactions with others; they reflect our personalities to the outside world. That is why Dr. J. Kevin Duplechain has devoted so much of his career to the delicate nuances of facial surgery. Although Dr. Duplechain is very skilled in all areas of cosmetic enhancement, his training and experience are particularly well-suited to facial cosmetic surgery. Patients from Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA, trust him for natural-looking results that help them look more youthful and attractive.

Find out why thousands of women and men have entrusted their faces to facial plastic surgeon Dr. J. Kevin Duplechain, who is certified by three distinctive boards. You can request a consultation online or call our office at (337) 326-5158 to set up an appointment.

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Your Options

Dr. Duplechain offers his patients surgical options that blend time-tested methods with innovation for remarkable and reliable results:

  • Facelift: Dr. Duplechain can restore a more youthful look through a deep plane technique that addresses the foundational structures of the aging face.
  • Forehead & Eyebrow Lift: Through various techniques, Dr. Duplechain can correct sagging or drooping brows and forehead wrinkles for a more refreshed appearance.
  • Eyelid Surgery: Upper or lower eyelid surgeries can improve the look of drooping lids or under-eye bags, making patients appear younger and more rested.
  • Rhinoplasty: Dr. Duplechain can improve the form and function of the nose, giving patients better facial balance or fixing breathing difficulties.
  • Balloon Sinuplasty: This minimally invasive procedure opens and clears the sinuses for long-term relief without the need for an incision.
  • Ear Surgery: This simple procedure can help children and adults feel more confident by correcting prominent ears.
  • Chin & Cheek Implants: Dr. Duplechain can refine patients' features and improve symmetry with implants for the chin and cheeks.
  • Fat Injection Procedures: Patients' own fat can be used to restore youthful volume to the face and improve many signs of aging.

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